e-venement 2.11 : XI.I Samhain

[fr] La version 2.11 de e-venement est sortie. Nommée “XI.I Samhain”, elle tranche avec les précédentes par le développement et la mise en place de services internes utilisés en particulier au travers d’une API.

[en] The 2.11 version of e-venement is out. Named “XI.I Samhain”,it stands out by the implementation of internal services used especially within an API.

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Starting the v2.11 development, the v2.10.2 is out

Considering the v2.10 version of e-venement has progressed a lot since september 2016, it’s now to give it a rest and launch the development of the v2.11 version.

The agenda of the v2.11

The v2.11 follows the new versionning politics of e-venement 2: only the even versions are “LTS”. Thus the v2.11 will be a required version only for new deployments or if some features are really expected.

Nowadays, here is the community program of this new version, which will still change a lot:

  • Surveys: being able to apply a survey to a meta-event
  • Ticketing
    • being able to sell directly to organisms (yet unsure)
    • being able to set colors to prices for ergonomy purposes
    • being able to order payment methods
  • Store
    • being able to define payment methods specific for the store or the ticketing
    • being able to distinguish colors for manifestations to colors for products
    • shipment fees based on a product weight
  • Transversality
    • in the scope of a multi-structures deployment, the resources and the locations will be available depending on the “domain” of an instance (from its root to all its children)
  • and lots of other ideas, which are still not formalized… we are waiting for your comments!

Integrators, what you must know

By now, the default branch (the “stable” one) was the v2.9. The v2.10 replaces it now. If you have deployed an instance on the master branch, do not forget to change it to v2.10:

git checkout v2.10

This will avoid too unstable changes!

Programmers, what you must know

If one proposes a major bug correction, think to precise in your pull-request that it is a bug to port in the other branch…

If you want to propose a major improvement, the master branch is the one to work on…

Thanks in advance.


EveConnector, connectez des applications SAAS aux périphériques des postes connectés

Have you ever tried to connect a web application to some specific hardware ? You may have succeeded in localizing a client device through its GPS chip or activating its web cam… as modern browsers are designed to include those functionalities. But what about directly printing on a USB connected printer, or operating and controlling  a peripheral connected on the serial port (LCD display, electronic weighting machine, etc…) ?

Probably not since the content of a web page, by definition, is not supposed to have to access the hardware used to display it. This is the foundation of partitioning and security in the WWW. And that’s precisely where EveConnector becomes its own revolution.

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e-venement 2.10.0 : Caïpirinha Kerlagatu

[fr] La version 2.10.0 de e-venement est (enfin) sortie. Avec son petit nom “Caïpirinha Kerlagatu” elle apporte un lot de nouveautés et une stabilité qui font dire qu’il s’agit là d’une version majeure de ce logiciel libre de billetterie, de gestion des relations aux publics, etc.

[en] The 2.10.0 version of e-venement is (finally) out. With its nickname “Caïpirinha Kerlagatu”, it brings its batch of new features and the required stability to say that it is a major version of the free and open source CRM and ticketing software.

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e-venement v2.10-RC1… nous y sommes presque !

Ce jour vient de sortir la première Release Candidate (RC1) de la version 2.10 du logiciel de billetterie informatique e-venement. Téléchargez e-venement-2.10-RC1 dès maintenant !

Au programme du mois à venir, résolution de bugs, nettoyage de l’architecture, rafraîchissement des documentations… pour voir venir la v2.10.0 normalement fin juin 2016.

Beaucoup d’innovations sont à venir (OpenID Connect ; support direct des imprimantes thermiques, afficheur client, et autres périphériques par le EveConnector ; possibilité de transversalité avec le datawarehouse ; etc.). À suivre donc !


e-venement 2.9 “Hinano Beer” is out !

(en) e-venement v2.9.0 has been released today on github! It has the form of a tag, and the branch v2.9 is now the default branch. This means that the long-awaited release is now out !
(fr) e-venement v2.9.0 est sorti aujourd’hui sur github ! Cela a pris la forme d’un “tag”, et la branche v2.9 est maintenant celle par défaut.

(en) We can see in the e-venement.yml file that the chosen name of this v2.9 release is Hinano Beer, recalling the famous Polynesian beer…
(fr) Nous pouvons voir dans le fichier e-venement.yml que le nom choisi pour cette v2.9 est Hinano Beer, en référence à la célèbre bière Polynésienne…

(en) After more than 7 month of hard work, this new release is an important news. In preview, some of the biggest improvements:
(fr) Après plus de 7 mois de dur labeur, cette nouvelle version est une nouvelle importante. En avant-première, quelques uns des plus grands avancements :

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